Today technology is an integral part of our lives.

Technological advancements, the world over, are occurring at the pace of hours. It is thus imperative for all of us, including our young learners and esteemed teachers, that we keep ourselves abreast of these technological feats to become technology-ready citizens.

Schools and other educational institutes undoubtedly play a key role in facilitating the learning echo system to keep pace with this dynamically changing environment by undergoing necessary transformations and upgrades of their infrastructure, teaching-learning methodology, pedagogical approaches and human resource.

Edusoft: Your Educational Partner and Friend

Edusoft has been working passionately in the field of Education since 1999.

Equipped with a dynamic team of experienced academicians & IT experts, Edusoft stands out as an effective and reliable partner of educational institutes, especially schools, helping them realise their technological education goals by providing unmatched educational content (in printed books and interactive digital form).

All our series mentioned below are the outcome of extensive research & feedback.

  • Computer Books based on Windows 10 & MS Office 2016 with reference to Windows 7, Office 13 and 10 based on ICSE curriculum
  • Computer Books based on Windows 7 & MS Office 2013
  • Computer Books based on Windows 7 & MS Office 2010
  • Artificial Intelligence Book- CBSE Code 417
  • Computer Books – CBSE Code 402
  • Computer Books – CBSE Code 165
  • Sample Question Paper Bank (5 Solved & 5 Unsolved)-
  • CBSE Code 265 for Class XII
  • CBSE Code 402 for Class X
  • Computer Books for Kindergarten
  • General Knowledge Books with Reasoning for classes I-VIII
  • G.K. Books with Value education, Reasoning & Life Skills
  • G.K. Books for Kindergarten
  • English Grammar Books for classes I-VIII
  • Hindi Vyakaran Books for classes I-VIII
  • English Cursive Writing Books for classes I-V
  • Hindi Sulekh Books for classes I-V
  • Art & Craft Books for classes Nursery – V
  • Holiday Homework Book for Classes Nursery – V

Edusoft has a happy community of more than 5000 schools across the country catered through its extensive channel network of more than 450 associates in about 350 major cities.

To be able to serve and aid you in your educational innovations will be a matter of great pleasure and pride for us.

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