A very innovative series of Holiday Homework for classes I-V


My Holiday Funwork

  • Subject wise bunches of worksheets
  • Worksheets for English Grammar & Cursive.
  • Worksheets for Art, EVS, Math.
  • Worksheets for G.K. & Computer Science.
  • Worksheets for Hindi Vyakaran & Sulekh (Optional).
  • Beautiful illustrations, graphics, and pictures.
  • Understandable and easy to grasp the language.

Android App and Audio-visual interactive E-Content for computers & Smartphones (for A, B & C).
Colorful and Pictorial Current affairs booklet, Complimentary with a book for every student twice a year.
Capacity Building Events at schools for students.
Test Paper Generator Software (for A, B & C).
Online and offline academic support for the teachers.
Answer key available on request.
Workshop for teachers.

English Cursive for Classes I-V
  • The content aims at enabling children to write legibly & fluently and improve their vocabulary, grammar, creativity, and general knowledge.
  • The book aims at creating a strong basis for the children so that they are able to learn the correct techniques to hold a pencil and write properly.
  • The syllabus covers current topics and revised curriculum so as to keep the child up to date and enable them to reacquaint themselves with the joys of writing and learning.
  • The striking pictures and illustrations help the children to better understand the alphabets as well as help them retain what they’re writing.